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ESA Verification

Support Animal Verification

What is verification about?

Verification of your emotional support animal can be crucial when applying for a reasonable accommodation to allow your animal to live with you in your rental home, that is why is why we provide a free 24/7 online ESA registry search by your animals unique assigned ESA ID after being approved and provided your emotional support animal letter.

How do I verify an emotional support animal is registered and current?

Verifying an emotional support animal is registered and current in our national ESA database registry is simple as entering the unique ESA ID that is provided with each signed ESA letter by the licensed mental health professional. An example USDocuPet ESA ID looks like this: USDP-ABC123

  1. Go to usdocupet.com/resources/verify

  2. Enter the animals unique ESA ID into the input box and press enter or click the search icon.